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FIRST OF ALL. Let’s pop bottles of champagne (non-alcoholic) because your girl finally monetized her blog!! You guys, I’m so happy. This is literally a dream come true!🤸🏾‍♂️🥂

It’s been forever tbh but I’m back & I think possibly here to stay. So let’s get into today’s post!

Its realistically safe for me to say most of our youth gets divorced before we even get married and wait, before you come at me let me make myself intelligible. I have to admit this is one of the blog posts i felt apprehensive about because for starters, intimate relationships are a very touchy and sensitive topic. We all have our own different views & opinions of the subject.

When I had my first “real” boyfriend, the level of elation was incomprehensible. He “loved” me even though we were probably just sixteen, we discussed marriage , the names of our babies , you know how these things go! And no matter how strongly i decided against us having sex, the pressure became unbearable. Pressure from friends and the way they were handling their relationships, pressure from the fact that we were becoming very much emotionally bonded.

It’s really one thing to to set goals and principles without emotional & psychological investment and its another to maintain and keep to them despite emotional, psychological and physical pressure… It’s no rocket science that the closer you become in a relationship the more difficult it is not to accede to physical cravings. And its a whole different story if like in my case you and your “babyboo” are not on the same page.

Which, brings me to the core of this post “Dating like you are married, should the relationship end always feels like a divorce” Yes, divorce is a heavy word and all but it works so accurately here. With Holy matrimony we go all out. Literally surrendering ourselves emotionally, sexually, psychologically etc and honestly to be frank that’s what we do these days too and should that end, it’d definitely feel like divorce because there’s a lot of investment going on.

So whether you have been in my situation or not it’s incontrovertible that most of us nowadays date like we are married. And unfortunately its a norm, to make huge commitments & promises , tell each other we will love and cherish one another forever and usually all this occurs in less than a month or two of getting to know each other. We wholeheartedly commit our time, all our heart , efforts , plans , bodies to people we barely know. And with all this how can the end of it all not feel like a divorce or like your life is falling apart or you are experiencing a mid life crisis at 19. The focus of this post is not to dispirit or demoralize romantic relationships, that is not what i am about.

My point is Proverbs 22:3 – “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences”. It would be beautiful to avoid all the heartbreak, guilt and pain. God’s kids’ must not undergo all of the pain worldly people do. We can be smarter about the way we handle the relationships. Especially if we saturate ourselves with the word of God & constantly yield to the Holy Spirit. The boundaries we set and principles we follow individually would help us a long way.

It takes the help of the Holy Spirit … 

Thank you sooo much for reading! Do leave your comments. How you overcome temptation, have you ever been in a compromising relationship etc!

Love you guys so much ♥️

Honestly forever grateful to Justice Chinda & everyone else who constantly pushes me to never give up on my dreams. God bless you.


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    Amazing thanks for sharing this. 🤗🤗 💜🧨

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