GoodBye Purple Poison!

I’ve been pondering these past weeks on how to start my first blog post for 2019. After a two months hiatus, I’m back and I’m better! Thank God.

It’s. My. Birthday.

A new age. New Page. New chapter. I’m really excited for this year.

Just yesterday I was turning 16 and now I’m 19! Time moves so fast and what we do in our teens and early twenties is very consequential.Keep it in mind to be opportunistic and seize every chance and advantage you have. Hard work and focus is sine qua non for the success we all dream and frequently talk about.

With 19 I have intentionally decided to let go of people who don’t propel my growth , qualities that will in the long run hinder my success and finally, identities that misrepresent me.

And one pull back I have to let go off is my previous brand name. Purple Poison is a name that came from a place of hurt and carried a lot of insecurities.

I chose purple poison as my brand name in 2016 because of an unfortunate situation I went through. I was In love with the idea of being in love which is something a lot of people still battle with. Whatever you allow will continue . I have learnt that desiring growth and intentionally acting is the only the way I could let go of my past.

The person I was with at that time called me his queen (purple-symbolized Royalty) but treated me like a poison and because I didn’t value or see worth in myself I allowed it. If there is anything I learnt from all this it’s denying people the power to make me feel any less important,beautiful or strong.

Though, I moved on from the person I unconsciously didn’t let go of the name or connotations. When we allow people to define us it’s arduous to change the mindset especially if it’s from people we value and it’s something we have grown to accept like I did.

Purple Poison doesn’t represent me anymore and my biggest advice to anyone is ; let go of anything or anyone who does not represent your idea of who you want to be. I don’t see myself as unworthy or insufficient. And I don’t allow myself to be in relationships that bring me down or drag me back .

I am definitely not a poison and I’m not that same girl from 2016!


This means that


who belongs to Christ has become

a new person.

The old life is gone;

a new life has begun!

Letting go of the past is an accoutrement for growth! And i am grateful to the positive energy God has surrounded me with, people who push me to be better everyday. ♥️

And with 2019, may you learn to accept who God wants you to be and let go of qualities that don’t make you that person.

Self introspection is so important. Sit down alone and reflect on who you are now and who you want to be at the end of the year. Set goals, standards and principles. Check your goals and plans at least twice every month!

Although the name has changed, the content, passion, and authenticity on my blog is still the same. Or better bc I’ve expanded my creative team!

It’s definitely a glow up. I hope you find my blog more user friendly & the content more informative!

Here’s to a blissful, growth and Christ filled 2019! With more content, contentment & consistency ♥️

I love and appreciate you for taking time to read through my blog!


-Zoleka Hoko

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